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The Bromberg Bros. and Martha


New York TimesNEW
Food: Front Burner

To Slice: A Market for Breads Chunky With Bacon

"This hefty and handsome wreath of bacon-and-onion bread from Blue Ribbon’s 140-year-old hearth oven can serve as the centerpiece of your holiday table. Matt Deliso, the baker, studs it with chunks of good smoky bacon and sautéed red onions, with the flavors pervading the loaf. It’s sold by the piece, but give the market 24 hours’ notice and an entire six-pounder can be yours..."

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Village Voice:Recipe
Dessert of the Week

A Revised Recipe: Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya's Chocolate Bruno

"Leave it to proud grandmothers to pass down recipes through generations; leave it to chefs to pass them down through menus. Eric and Bruce Bromberg take the latter approach with Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya's (187 Orchard Street, 212-466-0404) Chocolate Bruno..."

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Las Vegas Weekly

An Exclusive First Taste of Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq

"Lots of restaurants claim to serve comfort food. But they don’t have knishes or French bread pizza. Brooklyn Bowl, an 80,000-square-foot, multi-level temple of live music, bowling, food and drink, is about to open at the Linq, the entertainment complex between the Quad and Flamingo casinos anchored by the 550-foot High Roller observation wheel..."

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USA Today

Savory Southern fried chicken comes to New York

"While it has not quite reached the fervor of barbecue, food trucks or wood fired pizza, fried chicken is hot right now, riding the widespread trend of upscaled comfort foods. As a passionate fried chicken fan...."

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Serious Eats - New York

So You Can't Get Into the Spotted Pig? Where to Eat Instead

"We've all been there: you're ready for your night out, have a date or some friends in tow, and...the restaurant you're going to has an hour and a half wait. Womp womp. So where do you go instead?..."

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Ultimate NYC Super Bowl Takeout Guide

"There’s only one week left until the Seahawks and the Broncos battle it out in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, which means that from now until February 2, NYC will be packed with droves of ticket-holding tourists..."

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National Chocolate Cake Day:
A reason to celebrate

"The Chocolate Bruno at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, served with homemade green tea ice cream and caramel drizzle, is a Japanese twist on the Bromberg brothers’ signature dessert created over a decade ago..."

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Grub Street

Assemble the Ultimate
Hipster Super Bowl 2014 Feast

"Super Bowl party spreads don't have to consist of sports-bar-quality snack food, bad delivery pizza, or overly fancy dishes that you spend the whole weekend cooking. Here's why..."

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USA Today

Meet Blue Ribbons'
Eric and Bruce Bromberg

"Bruce and Eric Bromberg are the brothers behind Blue Ribbon, the beloved collection of more than 10 restaurants in new York City and Las Vegas. We ask the Bromberg's about their work and travels..."

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Epoch TimesRecipe

Master Sushi Chef
Toshi Ueki’s Oxtail Oden Recipe

"Toshi Ueki describes oden as a national winter food in Japan, with crab cake, fish cake, daikon, dry tofu and egg being the usual choices..."

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Page Six

Brooklyn Bowl & Blue Ribbon
to Open in London

"Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl is rolling to London this month with an outpost at the O2 arena..."

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Men's Health: Guy GourmetRecipe
Seared Scallops with Miso Butter

This simple seafood dish keeps it lean without losing out on flavor

"Celebratory feasts call for impressive proteins: prime rib, roast turkey, ham. Those prestigious meats are delicious, but eat too many..."

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