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Existing Restaurants

Want to Improve Your Restaurant?

We provide menu analysis, recommend changes to increase sales and build your brand, and streamline front-of-house and kitchen operations.

Operations Analysis

  • Systems that turn chaos into calm
  • Hospitality and service excellence
  • Staff development
  • Selection and hiring practices

Menu Analysis

We can evaluate your menu; find its weaknesses and revise it to increase overall kitchen performance.

  • Time-to-plate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Food and beverage cost reduction
  • Productivity.


What We Do

We apply our skills and know-how as successful restaurant owners and operators to your particular needs and restaurant vision. We separate the good ideas and poor ideas when it comes to opening and operating a restaurant.

Why Blue Ribbon?

Proven expert knowledge of successful restaurant operations across diverse concepts.

Our Philosophy

Food First™. We start with your food vision, make it better, and design and implement your kitchen and process around that vision.

Our Process

We listen to you, create a proposal that meets your needs and then work with you until it is a reality.

How We Work

  • Clearly defined scope of work, approach, deliverables
  • Clear recommendations with all necessary support
  • Assist in implementing recommendations and maintain quality and vision

Consulting Inquiries

Setting up for Dinner

New Restaurants

Opening a Restaurant?

We provide expert services to create and open your establishment from initial concept through opening.

Architecture & Design

  • Expert kitchen design, matched to menu and budget
  • Design and architectural services to effect your vision


  • Kitchen and POS recommendation

Opening and Ongoing Operational Guidance

  • Implement health and sanitation programs to obtain and maintain health department licenses
  • Assist to staff up, schedule, set up ordering and kitchen and front of house processes and procedures
  • Professionally manage opening process and pressures
  • Transition to professional and stable operations