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brooklyn bowl nashville

The Story of Our Success

Each of our concepts is a unique culinary expression of the love of founders Eric and Bruce Bromberg for the pure and consuming experience of food, drink, and architectural design. When we were culinary students in France, we absolutely loved the art and experience of cooking and making food that people loved. After returning to the states to open Blue Ribbon, we vowed to extend that spirit of service and joy to all aspects of the hospitality experience. That spirit is our guiding principle. Blue Ribbon is our way of life. We are consumed by being the best we can be and the desire to better the lives of those we serve and with whom we work. We are intensely focused on creating comfortable, blissful experiences for our customers and staff. Our team is our success. We strive to build local dedicated groups to lead our restaurants and welcome our guests. Each and every one of our business endeavors is an embodiment of that spirit and a family of long-term employees, regular customers and newcomers. We will continue to build restaurants and teams that we love and nourish our communities. Our mission is to be a beacon of culinary excellence, an inspiration to our community and everyone's favorite place to gather.

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