bruce and eric

30 Years of Growth

Blue Ribbon Restaurants is the creation of Chefs Eric & Bruce Bromberg and the Blue Ribbon Team. We serve guests in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and Nashville. Since 1992, Blue Ribbon Restaurants has embodied the spirit of individuality by offering a truly authentic dining experience. Blue Ribbon Restaurants is inspired by their surroundings as modern neighborhood restaurants with no boundaries. Since its founding on a quiet street at the edge of New York City's Soho, Blue Ribbon Restaurants grew first in NYC, and then in other metropolitan areas around the country. We are always looking to add to our culinary ventures and to expand opportunities for our team, the core of which has been with us since our founding. Of the 15 employees at the opening of the original Blue Ribbon, 12 remain key contributors and partners in our success. We are proud to continue to work with another 30 employees and partners who have been with us for over 20 years.

Press Quotes

"Blue Ribbon, where dinner is served until 4 A.M. Monday through Sunday, has become known as a chefs' after-hours hang out, and you would not choose a place where the food was dull. The menu is eclectic and original, with dishes like fried chicken, paella, sweetbreads and matzoh ball soup coexisting peacefully. The food is delicious, and the raw bar is terrific. Don't worry about getting sleepy; the dining room is as loud as an alarm clock."

- New York Times

"The Brombergs are no strangers to multicultural dining. In fact, their restaurants are known for serving French, Asian and Jewish dishes side by side. Other chefs seem to love this mix. They come to Blue Ribbon Sushi, Blue Ribbon Bakery and especially, the original Blue Ribbon, to hang out and to eat after their own kitchens have closed."

- Food & Wine

"With its iceberg lettuce salad, cheese fondue and duck a l'orange it makes a bold statement about the way we were and what we've become today."

- New York Newsday

"Like pieces of heaven on a plate, the super fresh sushi and unusual rolls are nothing less that sumptuous."

- Zagat

"People always ask me, 'Why is Blue Ribbon the unofficial clubhouse for New York chefs from all over the city?' The answer is easy - it has the food we want to eat!"

- Bobby Flay

"Blue Ribbon is the original late-night New York City chef hangout - and for good reason. They serve the kind of delicious, low-impact, high-flavor, unpretentious food that we all like to eat."

- Anthony Bourdain

"Their restaurant attracts people like them- young, smart and food- advantaged."

- New York Newsday

"Childhood comfort foods of the fifties that could nurture us through the traumas of the nineties."

- New York Magazine critic Gael Greene