For over 25 years, Blue Ribbon Restaurants have embodied the spirit of individuality by offering a truly authentic dining experience. Blue Ribbon Restaurants are inspired by their surroundings as modern neighborhood restaurants with no boundaries.

People always me ‘Why is Blue Ribbon the unofficial clubhouse for New York Chefs from all over the city?’ The answer is easy - it has the food we want to eat.
— Bobby Flay
Best Fried Chicken in America
— Food & Wine
Like pieces of heaven on a plate, the super fresh sushi and unusual rolls are nothing less than sumptuous.
— Zagat
A temple to wine, liquor, gourmet snacks and the warm fuzziness of simple things done right.
— UrbanDaddy
Blue Ribbon is the original late-night New York City chef hangout - and for good reason. They serve the kind of low-impact, high flavor, unpretentious food that we all like to eat.
— Anthony Bourdain